Pacman 3D

screenshot of pacman 3D! screenshot of pacman 3D!



Pacman3D was the final exercise for the game programming course. It was made in three weeks by two persons.

Pacman3D is a variant on the classic pacman game. It features all new (editable) maps and the game is fully 3D. To keep track of where you and the enemies are the game features a mini-map. Of course all the gameplay elements of the original game are there as wel: pills to collect, enemies and powerups that let you kill the enemies.


One of the main challenges for this game was the implementation of the mini-map. It had to be independant from the map size as defined in the .txt file and had to show the current game situation. We solved it by placing a camera above the scene, a model above the player and showing the result in a separate viewport.


  • Pacman now in full 3D!
  • Mini-map to keep track of enemy positions.
  • Editable maps.
  • Powerups that let you eat the enemies.


screenshot of pacman 3D! screenshot of pacman 3D!

Code Snippets:

Header file of the listener class used in this game. The listener listens for user input and the start of frames. It extends the Ogre KeyListener and FrameListener.

Function that handles the start of a frame. It checks for the game status and handles things as player collision with ghosts, pills and powerups.


You can download the game here.
To run it, first unzip it, then go to the bin/release/ folder and run pacman3d.exe
Look around with the mouse and walk with the wasd buttons. Have Fun!.

You might need to install the visual C++ 2005 redistributable to play this game, you can download it here.
You also need to have DirectX 9 installed, you can get that here.